Choose Unstoppable

The FINAL "Between The Lines" Episode

Episode Summary

Between The Lines episodes have been where I shine a light on some of the hidden insights in each and every memorable interview. There are over 100 of them and I strongly recommend listening to them all for a summary of the genius and wisdom that we have learned from over 100 of the stories shared here...

Episode Notes

In this episode I unpack the distinction between quitting something and moving on - and how to discern if you're moving on too soon. It is my final love note to you ... the listeners who have been my oxygen these past 2 years...

I am also leaving you with one final gift... the one I know you most desire... because SO MANY of you ask...

An insane (listeners only) discount to my podcast course. Every secret, tip, strategy and step I followed to create and launch Choose Unstoppable straight to Number 3 on iTunes and go on to earn the honour of New & Noteworthy, rank in over 25 countries around the world (many in the top 10). It also includes my launch calendar, swipe files and how to APPLY for New and Noteworthy as bonuses... pretty bonkers really.

All without ANY tech knowledge or experience at all in the world of podcasting - while recording from my closet!!!

Here's the link if you're interested - it will be MUCH more after this closes.

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It will be MUCH more after this comes down.

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